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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Maximum Output Minimum Time

As Clearing Agents, we aim at providing the fastest way of reducing the transit time and deliver you the prompt, and most systemized delivery for all your import and Export Cargo. By using advanced methods such as FIFO, LIFO, JIT to deliver the cargo required in the most efficient ways.

Logistical Support 24X7

Our prompt and efficient Logistical Support team always deliver with its swift transport movements, efficiency in operations and timely deliveries. Devoted to giving you the best experience, we utilize the industry defined Logistics Programs to enable us to enhance efficiency in operations and reduce costs.

Technical Support

With our professional technical support team along with our on ground team, you can track shipments live anytime, anywhere. Live updates assist you in knowing the status of the consignment. You can also inquire before ordering in your import consignment or clearance status of export shipments.

Personalised Customer Care

We have an eager to help friendly team dedicated to solving your queries, answering your inquiries and assisting you with the formalities involved in respect to custom clearance and Shipment of Import and Export Cargo. With an individual dedicated personnel, you can have a one point contact with the company to handle all your queries swiftly.

Lower Costs

We believe in team building, Stress-free work and lifelong relationships and hence, we provide the most competitive rates in the market and promise to deliver the best quality of services for all your shipping, clearing and Logistics needs and requirements. Efficiency for us, is timely service at effective costs resulting in the satisfied customer.

Knowledge Group

With over 30 years of experience, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals offer advice and knowledge to Cottage industries, Small medium, Large Industries as well as growing start-ups  that are still trying to find their feet and uninformed about the customs rules and regulations.

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